i am no bird;
caity. twenty two.
wear chapstick when kissing the bomb. +

got my order from shiro cosmetics today!

the eyeshadows from top to bottom are little bird, you know nothing, and i loved a maid. the second picture is the red wedding lip stain/gloss/IDK IT’S LOVELY.

also the owner put candy in with my order (idk, she must be psychic banana laffy taffy and sour apple blow pop, faves) and threw in an extra mini size of little bird!!!!!! BASICALLY GO BUY THINGS FROM SHIRO COSMETICS BC THE PRODUCTS ARE GREAT AND SO IS THE OWNER AND THERE IS A WHOLE LINE OF ASOIAF STUFF.

(also i chopped off my hair hi hello)

  1. matildaswan said: is shiro the one with all the fun pop culture referecnes as shade names? GIMMIE!!!
  2. honeying said: she always puts candy in!! did you get a thank you note too?
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